Arab Potash Company pays great attention to the environmental requirements at all levels. The company has made sustainable development a slogan for it so that future generations can enjoy the bounties of nature, and the company is determined to deal with nature with the highest levels of respect and care, so the company's activities in the Dead Sea and Aqaba region were carefully and cautiously planned in order to reduce environmental damages, and this is not limited to The responsible position that the company takes is to preserve the local environment only, but rather extends to maintain the durability of the wonderful natural environment that the region enjoys.

At local level, the company is concerned with preventing any pollution cases affecting the surrounding environment of air, water and soil, by monitoring all solutions and strategies for this purpose, through the initiative to enter into projects to monitor and treat dust and gases emitted from Plants and keep them at levels that is environmentally acceptable. The company is committed to achieve these environmental goals constantly to reduce and mitigate all environmental damages, and this is evidenced in the project of monitoring stations for the surrounding air and its direct link with the Ministry of Environment to ensure the quality of the surrounding air according to legal standards, in addition to the implementation of periodic environmental measurements at Plants, and conduct environmental inspection tours of the company’s departments and Plants to ensure clean and orderly work environment suitable for workers.

In terms of energy and the environment together, the company has undertaken a project to replace fuel burning at Plants with natural gas that will return to the company by saving and reducing pollutants out of the chimneys greatly compared to the heavy fuel currently used. Environmental responsibility is not limited to the company only, but the company communicates with schools and the local community to lead and inspire sustainable initiatives, and this is focused on building environmental solutions on the ground that serve our societies and enhance incentive and motivation, and expand our efforts to include others, as the company communicates with all different environmental segments along with participating with them and open the door to enter into projects that benefit the environment for the company.

Arab Potash Company is proud to maintain international standards in terms of environmental responsibility, where the Arab Potash Company won the gold medal for excellence in the efforts made in maintaining compliance with the requirements of occupational safety and health and the environment among the 22 members who won at the global level out of 175 joint members in the IFA for the year 2019, continuing work to comply with potash products to the requirements of the international certificate for the sustainability of the safe product approved by the International Fertilizers Authority (IFA), as this program focuses on product care and the preservation of quality, safety, and environmental requirements during the product lifecycle, where during 2018 the external audit was conducted by the presenter organization to ensure continued compliance with the certification requirements.

Arab Potash Company is committed to preventing pollution in all its operations, adherence to and compliance with legal requirements, as well as efficient use of natural resources and energy sources as work has been done to modernize the environmental management system applied since 2001 in accordance with the new version of the standard ISO14001: 2015 and obtain certification at the end of 2018. In addition, the Arab Potash Company was awarded the Best Product Award in the Chemical Industries Sector at the level of Jordan for the years 2017/2018 for the efforts made to improve the quality, safety, occupational health, environment and community service, in addition to the role of the Arab Potash Company in supporting the National economy.

Among the most important environmental projects, which have been implemented by the Arab Potash Company, in order to preserve the environment, raising product quality level and energy cost reduction:

  • Heat recovery steam generator with estimated amount JOD 6.7 million.
  • De-dusting system at Hot Leaching Plant with estimated amount JOD 3.5 million.
  • De-dusting system at First Cold Crystallization Plant with estimated amount JOD 5.0 million.

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