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Eng. Deng Hua

Representative of: Man Jia Industrial Development Limited effective 1/11//2018.

Eng. Deng Hua completed his BA degree in Power System & Automation from Tianjin University and his BA degree in Business Administration from University of International Business and Economics.

Mr. Deng Hua, Sr. Engineer, was a  Staff member of Ministry of Water and Electricity, Deputy Director of Electric Power Project Department and Power Engineering Department in State Energy Investment Corporation, , He was also a Director of the First Division of Power Business Department in SDIC, Deputy Director of Assets Management Department in SDIC, Vice-General Manager of SDIC-Chuangxing Assets Management Company, Vice-General Manager of SDIC High Technology Venture Capital, Vice-General Manager of SDIC Power, Chairman of SDIC Huajing power holding Co Ltd.(Stock code:600886), General Manager of SDIC High Technology Investment Company, President of China National Investment Consulting Co. Ltd., Head of SDIC Disciplinary Inspection Team, and Chairman of SDIC Mining.

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